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The Maid Who Made It

“Success is making a difference.”

For Filipinos who are fighting to survive the struggles of poverty and economic challenges in the country, one woman, through her dedication, made a difference. Rebecca Bustamante is a witness to the cruel world of poverty, an unconquerable fighter in life and now, an inspiration to others.

“It’s a stepping point to know where you want to go.

A Filipino Timepiece

It all started with a dream. A dream of making a Filipino watch brand patronized by fellow Filipinos globally to bring back our heritage for watchmaking. 

 This is what Nico Moreno did, from being a collector of watches to the founder of the first Filipino watch brand assembled in the Philippines – Ibarra. 

 Ibarra is a Filipino brand founded in 2015 by its CEO, Nico Moreno.


“I'm an entrepreneur. An awesome one.”

Kevin Philip Gayao, entrepreneur and Certified Public Accountant, shared his story as he takes his continuous journey towards success.

Becoming a CEO and owner of a company, he sees himself not as a successful businessman but rather an adventurer thriving in a journey to challenge himself to do and be better.

“It’s an ongoing journey.

PRISM: The 1st Annual Philippine Business Enterprise Congress Gala Night

Metro Manila, Philippines – In an effort promote the biggest business event of 2018, RBG Philippines Inc. presented PRISM: 1st Annual Philippine Business Enterprise Congress (PBEC) Gala Night last September 16, 2017 at The Plaza, Resorts World Manila, Pasay.

Three of the exceptional speakers in the upcoming PBEC were present during the soft launch; Ms.

Radio Guesting

DZRH Experts Opinion Interview

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ANC Interview: How the Rich & Poor Differ in Investing Money

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BPO Radio – Meet the Bosses

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Upcoming Events

Campus Tour

Aiming to help the next generation in shaping their minds, skills and knowledge in achieving 100% of their goals, RBG Philippines Inc. holds business, financial and motivational seminars in various campuses and universities around the country.

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Events and Training

PRISM: PBEC Gala Night

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5th Philippine SME Business Expo - Increase your Customer Base

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Money Making Muscles (MMM) is a workshop set to equip people with strategies in achieving and maintaining a lifestyle of good habits, mindset and plans which can motivate and result to success. Learn and have fun from a series of activities, games and exercises designed to train and bring out the best in you.

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What to Expect Create and Craft Mission, Vision and Values to Align the Company. Establish a Concrete and forward looking culture to Sustain and Grow your Sales and Profit. Learn the Reverse Goal Setting and Achieve the Organizational Goals and Objectives. Create and Leverage New Value How to Practice the 4 R's to Grow your Business. 1. Recruitment 2. Retention 3. Repeat Sales 4. Referral Business Learn to Systemized your Company and grow it Bigger.

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The Leadership Action Program or LEAP is a 3-day intense workshop dedicated to keenly train you to be future leaders and to test your mindset as a businessman, your skills as an entrepreneur and your perseverance and determination in achieving your goals. LEAP is an extreme program giving you real-life training that will make you think outside the box - from the fundamentals of a successful leader to transforming and transcending oneself into a team.

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This Interactive Workshop-Style Event is for all Young Professionals, Entrepreneurs, Business Person Interested to Know the Tools to Commence Business Planning and Get Started.

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Corporate Social Responsibility


Upholding the company’s vision, to give back to society, RBG Philippines Inc. is helping the less privilege people, especially the future generations.

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