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“I'm an entrepreneur. An awesome one.”

Kevin Philip Gayao, entrepreneur and Certified Public Accountant, shared his story as he takes his continuous journey towards success.

Becoming a CEO and owner of a company, he sees himself not as a successful businessman but rather an adventurer thriving in a journey to challenge himself to do and be better.

“It’s an ongoing journey. Hindi siya basta basta. I feel I'm not yet a success based on the standards that I have set.”

Passing the CPA Examination has been the major catalyst in his life. It opened up opportunities to professionally train himself in the corporate world and to build his connections and use it as leverage in his business.

Grabbing opportunities and starting his entrepreneurial quest in his career, he took a huge leap in his career by building 1punch Inc., a sales and marketing training firm in Baguio City providing people with quality qualification programs, training programs, workshops and seminars that will increase their value as professionals, business people and entrepreneurs.

“We’re in the value business, a people business.”

With 1Punch Inc.’s original mission of restructuring one old traditional business model of simply providing seminars and workshops, it evolved into a new business model emphasizing the provision of a lifelong value and life-changing learning.


“We see that there are a lot of innovations entering the country and it forced us to rethink our traditional business model. That’s the reason why we put up 1Punch Inc. so we need to innovate.”

Kevin Gayao brags how innovation and timely strategies helped him to cope up with the inevitable business disruptions in the country. Innovating a ‘people business’ like 1Punch Inc. requires maintaining the relationships between the clients and the company. By that, he fully utilized the internet through websites, digital advertising, database system and software solutions to really hasten the growth of his business.

“We should not take it negatively. We should accept innovation and disruption as something that is normal within an organization.”

As he quoted, “Success is an ongoing journey.” He displayed success as an ongoing process of continuously changing and improving to be a better version of him. Now, he’s venturing on a new industry the Cryptocurrency that caters a worldwide market. A new business, a new adventure for Mr. Kevin Philip Gayao.

1punch Inc. serves accounting graduates and students by providing them international qualifications and workshops. Catering the northern regions of the country and has an affiliate contact in Metro Manila. To know more, visit their website at and look through their programs.