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The Maid Who Made It

“Success is making a difference.”

For Filipinos who are fighting to survive the struggles of poverty and economic challenges in the country, one woman, through her dedication, made a difference. Rebecca Bustamante is a witness to the cruel world of poverty, an unconquerable fighter in life and now, an inspiration to others.

“It’s a stepping point to know where you want to go. So whatever position you are in life, as long as it’s right and clean, you have to be proud.”

Rebecca, being raised in deep poverty as the 7th of a large family, experienced the obstacles of life at a young age. During her childhood, she lived with different families as an unpaid helper in her hometown, a saleslady and even ice buko, ice candy, pandesal and fish vendor in the market. Bravely trying to lift up and improve her life, she became a Domestic Helper in Singapore before making her way to Canada.

Despite the struggles, she stood up and made a change. Now, she became the ‘Maid to Made’.

Rebecca Bustamante is now the CEO of Chalre Associates, a management consulting firm dedicated to help the Philippines. She organizes Asia CEO Events, the largest business events across the country to showcase the talent of Filipinos, the beauty of Philippines that attract investors to really invest in the country.

“We showcase people who achieve great things, that’s why we’re doing the Asia’s CEO Awards in order to recognize our leaders, the achievers in the Philippines”

All the struggles and hardship she encountered were all replaced with achievements. Now, Rebecca is considered as one of the successful Filipino in the Philippines and across the world. In spite all these, she remains humble and grounded by giving back to her country and fellow countrymen.

“Filipinos are very humble, sometimes we think so small like we’re in our own cocoon. What makes us innovative is by creating an opening to really showcase the Philippines and the Filipinos.”

Seeing the plight of her family is what really drives Rebecca to push forward and to change not only her way of life but also the life of others. With her strong faith in God, she conquered every adversity she encountered and survive.

“I am just an ordinary person and I’m just doing what I enjoy and what I love.”

In the end Rebecca left a simple advice.

“Poverty is no obstacle to success. Focus on the purpose, once you know your purpose just keep doing it whether you like it or not. Don’t focus on the challenges; appreciate it because it’s what makes you think and makes you grow.”

Believing in yourself and putting the why, how, action together will give you a result. That’s how Rebecca made it, from Nanny to CEO.

The maid who made it.